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TGMI Straw Blower

Rental Store Favorite Since 1991
tgmi straw blower
bale of straw in straw blower

About the TGMI Straw Blower

The TGMI Straw Blower is the leading compact straw blower in the landscape industry and the most widely used for industrial rentals. A straw blower is more efficient than hand spreading straw. Two people can average 120 bales per hour. Using a TGMI will also reduce the amount of straw required by up to 20%. The costs of the machine will be recovered quickly with labor savings and materials costs savings.

Job Quality is better than hand spreading because the straw is spread more evenly, even with wet straw or heavy hay.  Flail chains inside the machine break up the straw, resulting in longer pieces of straw.  Longer pieces of straw provide better erosion control. Also with the flail chain design, clogging almost never occurs.

The Fully Rotational Metal Cannon (360-Degree) eliminates wear and tear associated with hose. But, if a hose is needed to reach hard to get to areas, the user can attach up to 100’ of 6” hose with the optional hose coupling attachment.

A Skid Mounted TGMITurfMaker® Straw Blower is ideal to use on the tail gate of a pickup.  The unit has fork pockets for easy handling.

Trailer Mounted, the unit can be towed with a pickup, leaving more room in the bed of the truck for materials.

TurfMaker TGMI Straw Blower Specifications

Length: 55″ 108″
Operating Length: 81″ 108″
Width 40″ 60″
Weight 540 lbs 1,240lbs


 Power:  Kohler Twin Cylinder (22.5 HP)
Blower Fan: 16″
Wind Velocity 175 MPH Certified
Beater Chains: (8) Hardened
Discharge Cannon: 360-Degree Rotating
Hose Capacity: 100′ x 6″ Hose w/Coupling
Fuel Tank: 5 Gallon
Feed Tray: 24″ Wide, Folding
Capacity: 2-3 Bales per Minute

Triple V-Belt Drive: No Coupling Feature